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Traveling with the Glory Gates Quartet




It is with both sadness and joy that I, Rich McIntyre, the manager and lead singer of the GGQ, announce the retirement of the Glory Gates Quartet as of June 18, 2015!

"Sad" because it is always difficult to say goodbye to a wonderful music ministry that has had such an impact on so many people. "Joy" because we did what we said we were going to do....retire on a high note! Our Romania 2015 "The Time is Now" Farewell Concert Tour was a classic case of going out in a "blaze of glory"! In our case, we were still good enough to give God all of the glory in a quality, passionate and loving manner. Anything beyond the time that we had over there would be very anti-climatic indeed!

I want to thank Bob Jones, our baritone, Rob Marton, our bass and Tim Shoemaker, our tenor for their commitment to the GGQ for the past 14 years; especially their oneness and commitment to our Romania ministries for the past 13 years! So many concerts and rehearsals! It was a terrific run, boys!

I will stay on to maintain the GGQ name, the Facebook Page, YouTube account and our website, as we want people to continue visiting these medias to keep the name, music and pictures alive and to continue to be a blessing to others.

Thank you also to Steve Bridgmon and the Impact Quartet for being such an integral part of our music ministry.

More than anything, we all want to thank our Lord and Savior for giving us this opportunity to serve Him in this way! We hope that we have honored and glorified Him in a meaningful and powerful way. We also hope to hear Him say; "Well done, my good and faithful servants!"

I selected this picture of us because it shows the passion that we had for the words from God that we were singing.

Goodbye to all of our GGQ fans!! God bless and keep you always!




On behalf of the GGQ team that was in Romania from may 13th through 24th, we would like to thank the Romanians who attended our concerts. The response and love was so heartfelt and we are going to miss all of you! God was truly present in all of the concerts as many unsaved people atteneded and were meeting with our counselors after each concert. The gospel of Jesus Christ was shared, explained and people came to know the Lord and also some Christians committed to renew their faith and change their lives. The lobbies after the concerts were exciting environments!


Click Here for Pictures 



Click Here to read all about it


Preparing for our Romania 2015 "The Time is Now" Farewell Concert Tour


May of 2015 will be the Glory Gates Quartet's last concert tour in Romania. We are preparing to pass our ministry, which has been ongoing since 2003, on to the Romanians. God has given us a wonderful opportunity to serve in Romania and we, along with the Romanians have been blessed by God's work there through us. Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!


For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Romans 10:13-15


And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Mark 16:15


Click here for the Promotional video:  http://youtu.be/GYFE5odBRy4.


2015 Tour - The Time is Now Farewell Tour 

Praise God for a successful last and final "Romania Benefit" concert on Sunday, September 14, 2014 at the Christ Community Church of Laguna Hills, CA! Successful in every way and we give God the glory!

Thank you to all who attended the concert and supported the GGQ as we close out our Romania ministries. A special thanks to the awesome "Asher's Call" band who shared the stage with us and helped to make this concert so successful. Thank you to Tony Tancredi for working the sound booth. With our GGQ and the entire band, it was a real challenge, but there were many comments that we received saying that the sound was incredible. Way to go Tony! He's a pro! Thanks to Jerry Herling for working the video and PowerPoint all night. Thank you to Alexis Orcsik for "fiddling" on the last two songs. It was perfect and made the songs sound so good! Wow! Thank you Adam Green for being our emcee for the evening. Great job! Thanks to all of those who worked the concert for us. We really appreciate all of you.

Please click here for the pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.975007102515608.1073741871.182339148449078&type=3

Please click here for a cool video of the finale to our concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iPCD8TKOK8

For all of the Romanians who will be visiting our website; please check out this important video announcement from Rich McIntyre: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=976060989076886&set=vb.182339148449078&type=2&theater



Rich is back from his Romania planning trip!

On May 14th, Rich left for Romania to meet up with our GGQ Coordinator of Romania Concert Tours, Dan Magureanu, for our two week barnstorming across the west and southwest of Romania. This was our planning trip to prepare for our "GGQ Romania 'The Time is Now' Farewell Concert Tour". We had a very full daily schedule including meetings with pastors and leaders, "Meet & Greet" events, singing in churches; etc. in Arad, Timisoara, Resita, Deva, Cluj-Napoca and Oradea, Romania. There is nothing like pictures and videos to put everything into better perspective:


Thank you for praying. It was an incredible trip and we are now poised to be more than ready for our "GGQ Romania 'The Time is Now' Farewell Concert Tour". All Romanians.....come out and say goodbye to the GGQ! To be aware of where and when we will be in Romania in 2015, I would encourage you to go to our GGQ Facebook Page and click on the "Like" button. https://www.facebook.com/GloryGatesQuartet.


Rich McIntyre Heading for Romania on May 14, 2014!


It's that time again and Rich will be heading for Romania to meet our GGQ Director of Romania Concert Tours, Dan Magureanu. They will be traveling to 7 cities to begin the planning process with leadership in each city for the GGQ Romania 2015 "The Time is Now" Farewell Concert Tour. This will be the last of the GGQ ministry in Romania and Rich and Dan, in a coordinative effort with the Romanian pastors and leaders to make this concert tour the best one ever, where God is glorified and presented in the most clear and meaningful way. Be praying for us during this planning process.


It is now time for the GGQ to go out in a "blaze of glory", where we hope to hear from our Lord and Savior, "You answered my call...you were obedient.....Well done my good and faithful servant".


The following is a link to our itinerary from May 14th to the 27th, along with Rich's "Meet & Greet" and "Singing Schedule" flyers. Having these will now give everyone the opportunity to know where I will be and what I will be doing for praying purposes. Thank you so much for your support! God bless all of you!


Meet n Greet with Rich 


Singing Schedule 


2014 Planning Tour Itinerary 



What a terrific time we had at our Romania "Power of Passion" Reunion Concert Weekend!


Click here to view the pictures at our Christ Community Church of Laguna Hills concert on August 24th



Many of our GGQ songs are downloadable on iTunes and on Amazon.

Please pass this information on to your family and friends!


 For the Romanian words to the songs on the "10th Anniversary Still Standing", "Live from Romania" and "Timeless Hymns and Classics" CDs, please click here 



 Praise God for an incredible Romania 2013 "Power of Passion" concert tour! Words can hardly describe what went on while we were there. It was one of those "You had to be there" moments. Pictures and videos will follow at a later date, but here is a cool picture of us singing "The Cross of Christ" with the Bethel Baptist Church Youth Choir at the Casa de Cultural A Studentil or concert hall in Cluj-Napoca. Thank you to all who were praying for us and our Romania concert tour! God bless!





To view the GGQ interview at the Alpha Omega TV station in Timisoara, Romania in May, 2011, click here.



The long anticipated "10th Anniversary Still Standing" album is ordered and CD's are scheduled to arrive on June 29th! 

ORDER NOW this exciting and inspirational Cd by clicking here .  

Also, by June 30th, you may download any of the songs from iTunes.com or Amazon.com 


Click here for a demo album of this CD project and we trust that you will enjoy it.  

Praise God for this opportunity to minister and serve Him in this capacity! 



Who wants to see an overview of our Romania ministries from 2003 through 2011?


Well, now you can by clicking here to view the video.



Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible support of,

and prayers for, the Glory Gates Quartet Romania Ministries!!


Keep them comin' !! 



2012 Press Release 



 As 2011 closes out, our Glory Gates Quartet would like to pause and reflect on how much we appreciate

those who took valuable time out of their lives to attend our concerts here in America and in Romania.  

We do so appreciate it and thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.


 We do this to glorify God and plant seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the hearts of those

who don't know our Savior in a personal and meaningful way;

and also we sing to praise God with those who share our love for Him.


Thank you very much!


Mulţumesc foarte mult!


 Click here for our tribute video to all of you, our GGQ fans!





What a Terrific Weekend!!



The Glory Gates and Firm Foundation Quartets were united in a weekend of "Quartet Night"

concerts and sightseeing in Southern CA.  

The FFQ is from Owensboro, KY and three of the guys had never been to California.

 We really had a great time as the "old" guys from GGQ barnstormed with the "young guns" from FFQ.


Here are several pictures from the weekend;

however, click on our Facebook badge to the right and

check out the weekend photo album and videos there. 


Please click here to view the video highlighting both concerts.  

 GGQ and FFQ at Newport Beach, CA Pier

GGQ and FFQ at Newport Beach, California pier


FFQ at Laguna Beach, CA 

  FFQ in Laguna Beach, California


FFQ singing at Taft Community Church in Orange, CA 

  FFQ singing at Taft Community Church in Orange, California 


GGQ singing at Taft Community Church in Orange, CA 

 GGQ singing at Taft Community Church in Orange, California


GGQ and FFQ singing together at Taft Community Church in Orange, CA 

  GGQ and FFQ singing together at Taft Community Church in Orange, California


FFQ singing at Gateway Church of the Nazarene in Murrieta, CA 


 FFQ singing at Gateway Church of the Nazarene in Murrieta, California


GGQ singing at Gateway Church of the Nazarene in Murrieta, CA 

 GGQ singing at Gateway Church of the Nazarene in Murrieta, California


GGQ and FFQ singing together at Gateway Church of the Nazarene in Murrieta, CA 

 GGQ and FFQ singing together at Gateway Church of the Nazarene in Murrieta, California



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GGQ is a mission-minded gospel quartet based out of Southern California yet supporting missionaries in Romania. To find our more about the work God has called GGQ to do click the "Romania" tab above.

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